Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We Want Photos!

We want your photos, friends.  Ridiculous photos from now and from then.  And more. Letters, notes, whatever you can find during the holiday season, when you're digging through memorabilia in your parents' basement.

See the awesome photo below of two of our favorite sisters from northern Ontario rocking out to the max. Yes! Also, is that a comic book sweatshirt we see?
Contribute by sending us stuff to sisterswhotext@gmail.com

We Really Want That Guitar. For Reals.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Betty Lou and Peggy Sue Rehash Childhood Insults At The Ages Of 29 and 27, respectively.


We are sisters who have texted and continue to text.  And have written letters. And have recorded ourselves making Halloween noises and Grey Poupon commercials. On cassette tapes in the 1980s.
Do you have a sister? Did you do any of the above? Let us know! Submit to sisterswhotext@gmail.com and we may just post one of your sisterly gems.